Everybody who has an account and webspace at the server is working on some creative experiments. So some hosted sites being physically located on Konsum were enrichening On several projects konsum workers are involved.
Internat is a FUTURE domain. Testsite for using a perl based library to generate VRML on the unix server. Targeted Vrml projects are multiple multivariate Informationspaces. Physical spatial data of the Konsum server net and abstract symbolic data of online live netinformation shall be set in spatial and object relation environments. Connection to MSQL datbases is in progress.
Datagold was a domain-name related exhibition at the Austrian museum of Applied arts Vienna, MAK in 1994. The Site was integral part of a sculpture. The navigation index  for a CD-ROM containing all personal data of one year of Max Moswitzer and one of Margarete Jahrmann was online. Datagold was exhibited next to a real GOLD bar. Catalogue available at MAK, Weisskirchnerstrasse1, A-1010 Wien
Softpink Experimental Soundartists and friends
Freemind Talking Developed and setup in the jail of upperaustria, hosting a permanent chat with prisoners for 10 days on Konsum in 1997.
The Sculpture