Applications on the KONSUM Server are using the electronic and logic topology of the net. Slackerserver itself was the first KONSUM Project. Selfmade applications, one could call it NETnative art, were exploiting netcommunication prozesses to transform it into different appearances, f.ex. to use the hop time that all datapackets take for triggering it into sound when surfing. The configuration of the new experimental arts dedicated slackerserver with no commercial duty made it possible to use webspaces as well as serverconfigurations and TECtricks of a unix server. This was just enforced,  because at the same time the idea to hoog up a local Backbone of connected servernodes on the old copperwires  came up 1996 in Vienna . The result of this idea is now called VBS (Vienna Backbone Service) of which we were one of the first Linux Servers at all connected. This means to be always online, never lost and as quick as a weasel. Next  KONSUM Projects were developed as hosting servers or dedicated Linux boxes. Nowadays datavisualisation and skriptgenerated objects and levels are under construction.