The job of KONSUM was to make a serverprocesses transparent and available as arts RAWmaterial. 
In 1995 artist in Vienna were discussing to set up their own linux boxes as Web servers to create a network of nodes for getting cheap internet access. We named ours KONSUM Slackerserver. "Slacker" means being available and being freeware, and we had free content in mind. This was contra arts operating system and contra profitdriven access-providing. Setting up the server made us netnatives. Not being hosted but having a home.
"Jedem Fuzzi sein eigener Server"! Everyone should have her own independent little server. Thi still is the message of the day popping up when login in on Konsum. A communitybased process was providing skills to artists and independent cultural workers connected to a wild just semi-legal servernetwork located in Vienna. Datavisualisation in different fields was transfered into ASCIItexts on Websites, Sounds in 1996 and from 1997 on several live experiments using VRML- objects displaying datastructures of personal loginfiles on Konsum.  Different 3D game levels linked to the KONSUM server protocolls and using live ASCIIvideo were put online  in 1999.
is using the time that datapackets take to hop from one geografical located server to the next when they acces a online target to generate live sounds.
Mailinglist Frequenzfilter is atool to save personal live time. Reading mailinglists content is done by a bot, which is filtering the most frequently used words.
shows the traffic etxc in 2-Dimensional absrtact icon structure.
is determining activity in conological representation.
Development department
shows who we are and some kollobatators.
superfem feedback device SLACKERSKRIPTS, pflichtenheft
Y2K FUTURE might be the testsite for using a perl based library to generate VRML on the unix server. Targeted VRML projects are multiple multivariate Informationspaces. Physical spatial data of the KONSUM server net and abstract symbolic data of online live netinformation shall be set in spatial and object relation environments. Connection to MSQL datbases is in progress.